Tips to avoid the spread of influenza A

Tips to avoid the spread of influenza A

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Undoubtedly, the question of the moment is: What can we do to avoid the spread of influenza A? The rebound in this type of influenza that has recently occurred in Spain reminds us of how it continues to increasingly affect the world population and that no one is totally free from being infected with this virus. Due to the relevance of the subject, we believe that it is important to always review what is the most correct and healthy way to face the A1H1 flu.

The Brazilian doctor Odair Alfredo Gomes, from the Morphofunctional Laboratory of the Faculty of Medicine of the Unaerp (University of Ribeirao Preto, SP), says that the best way to deal with this flu is to strengthen the immune system through an adequate and healthy diet . Some foods stimulate the action of the immune system and enhance its functioning. Here are some of their tips:

1- Drink a lot of natural and quality water, at least one and a half liters a day. Moist airways will discourage viruses.

2- Avoid drinking milk, especially if you have a cold or sinusitis. Milk produces more mucus and makes healing more difficult. Natural yogurts can be used and abused, an excellent food for the immune system.

3- Use a lot of onion and garlic in the preparation of meals.

4- Consume foods rich in carotene (carrots, beets, cooked sweet potatoes, raw spinach, cauliflower, apricots, etc.) 5- Consume foods rich in zinc (beef liver and pumpkin seed, for example)

6- Make a vegetarian diet (consumption of vegetables and fruits)

7- Eat fish such as salmon, cod, and sardines. 8- The "Shiitake" mushroom is an excellent anti-viral, as well as the ginger infusion that destroys the flu virus.

9- Avoid foods with fat because they depress the immune system. Avoid excessive consumption of red meat and derivatives.

10- Avoid corn, sunflower or soybean oil. Better to use olive oil.

11- Maintain a body and dental hygiene. Always wash your hands and floss to clean your teeth. In the case of babies and children, I think it is recommended that parents first consult with their children's pediatrician about what type of diet is the most advisable for them. You have to consider possible allergies and other respiratory problems that they may have.

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