The lighters and the children

The lighters and the children

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The manufacture and distribution of all lighters that do not have a child safety system is prohibited. The European Union imposed on the manufacturers of lighters, since the beginning of March, the inclusion of some safety measures in the lighters to prevent children under 4 years and three months from being able to light them.

Children do not smoke, do not light the kitchen stove or candles, or play with fire, but according to the European Union, the misuse of lighters by children causes between 34 and 40 deaths and between 1,500 and 1,900 injured. per year in domestic accidents. This alarming fact led the European Union to impose on manufacturers of lighters, from the beginning of March, the inclusion of safety measures in lightersto prevent children under 51 months (that same, 4 years and three months) can turn them on. The manufacture and distribution of all lighters that do not have a child safety system is prohibited. Also, lighters cannot have designs that are attractive to children.

Almost a month after the measure came into force, 90 percent of the lighters analyzed by the Federation of Consumers in Action (FACUA) still fail to comply with the European regulations for the protection of children for not having systems to prevent ignition or having especially attractive designs for minors. According to the Federation, 28 of the lighters do not offer protection of children in their ignition mechanisms, and 17 present a risk of use by children because they have mobile objects and flashlights incorporated. However, current regulations do not affect the production of lighters in the European Union for export to other countries.

Could it be that in other countries outside of Europe, the lighters have sufficient security measures to prevent accidents with children and babies?

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