Cheap games to keep the kids busy

Cheap games to keep the kids busy

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Activities that do not cost money to entertain children


To build a children's hut, just a few sheets or blankets placed on chairs at home or on tree branches in the garden are enough. We can also make it with large cardboard boxes and it can become a refuge where we can invent thousands of games. Playing cabins makes children's imaginations fly and boosts their creativity.

Learn about the benefits of playing cabins

If you have a cardboard box at home ... don't throw it away! You can't imagine the amount of possibilities it has. One of them is to propose to the children to make a costume with her. By making holes to see and take out their hands and painting it as a robot or monster, the children will be very entertained and then they can play to be the character they devised.

How to make a cardboard box costume

Who has not played to make paper airplanes? Some are very complicated and others are very simple. With a magazine that is no longer worth it, your children will be able to create their own air fleet and hold flight competitions. Without realizing it, they will be practicing origami, a Japanese art that enhances children's concentration and manual skills.

How to make a paper airplane, step by step.

We propose a very cheap and entertaining activity: it involves collecting stones from the park. Once at home, using brushes and tempera, children can decorate them in different ways: giving them the appearance of animals, faces, little Martians ... Let them choose what to paint and thus enhance their imagination and creativity.

How to paint stones as if they were fruits

A cardboard or a piece of eva rubber can be used to cut out different geometric shapes. We can offer the child the possibility of trying to fit each figure into the hole that has been left in the cardboard.

This game will help children expand their logical thinking and help them find solutions to certain problems, they will also learn to know the different geometric shapes and enhance their concentration.

Plasticine is a very common element in children's crafts. It is easy to handle, does not stain too much and allows you to spend hours of fun and entertainment.

Squashing, modeling, mixing colors, making small compositions ... all these activities that they do with the clay help children to be more creative, to meet short-term goals and to gain manual dexterity.

Ideas for children to play with play dough

How to make a home phone for children? It is very simple, it only requires two empty yogurt cups or two cans. A hole is made in the bottom of the containers and a string or string of wool is passed from one glass to another. We tie a knot on the outside of both elements so that the rope does not escape and ... magic! Children already have their own phone to communicate with each other.

This homemade toy will not only give them hours of fun, but will also help them learn scientific principles and how sound travels through the air in the form of a sound wave. They can make phones out of different materials to check their loudness and vibration.

This game has passed from generation to generation and is still played today. It involves joining a medium-sized string by making a knot. A player places the string between his hands and begins to form a figure, the second player, takes the string without undoing the figure to make a new one. Each player performs a different figure.

This simple game has great benefits for children, and that is, it enhances team participation, motor coordination and concentration of the little ones.

The diabolo, also known as the devil, is a game often used by jugglers in the circus. It is formed by two cones joined together by their thinnest part. To make it dance, a rope tied to two sticks is used. The game consists of making this object move by pushing it with the rope.

A game similar to the diabolo is that of the yoyo. Both are a classic among children's toys. Children pay a lot of attention and concentration to make these elements dance and it also strengthens their motor coordination and enhances their cognitive abilities.

The spinning top, top or pawn is a pear-shaped wooden object with an iron point at its thinnest end. It also has a rope to roll it up and make it turn when looping it. The game consists of making the top dance for as long as possible and even, for more advanced users, make it jump after throwing it.

How to play top with children

Coloring pages are a classic to entertain children. There are drawings for all tastes: princesses, space, dolls, animals ... You can print several images for children to paint and have a fun time.

Children greatly benefit from playing with coloring pictures as it prepares them for writing, enhances their motor coordination, helps them learn about colors and develops their attention and concentration.

Drawings to print and color with children

The clue game consists of hiding a treasure in a part of the house and developing a series of clues that will take the child from one place to another until he finally finds the hidden object.

It is the children who can elaborate the clues and generate all the dynamics of the game which helps them to enhance their creativity and imagination, at the same time that they develop their logical thinking. The participants also have to put their reasoning to the test.

This game is really cheap as it only requires two or more participants and no other external elements. It is about bringing the palms of the hands together at the same time that a song is sung. The palms dance up and down to the rhythm of the song or clap hands.

It is a game that helps enhance children's memory and manual coordination.

Clapping games with songs for children

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