Dad records his daughter from birth to 14 years

Dad records his daughter from birth to 14 years

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There are different and multiple ways to show the love we feel for our children. From the simplest to the most original and exceptional. The Dutch Frans Hofmeester has found an exciting and fun way to show the growth of his daughter Lotte, recording her image, week after week, from her birth until she turns 14 years old. It is one of the most exciting videos I have ever seen, a true poetry!

Can you imagine what it has cost this father to record the image of his daughter, week after week, for 14 years? Without any doubt, it will have been a pleasure for him, and surely after watching this video, you will think: Why haven't I done it to my children? For those of you who have already large children, there is no remedy, but for those who are in full pregnancy, I think it may be a good idea to take this portrait of your baby's growth.

This video, with more than 15 million views on the Internet, in just over a month, is a real record of the growth of a daughter. In four minutes, and through accelerated images in time-lapse format, we can see how the skin, hair, smile, and the entire face of a baby change until adolescence. And I wonder: Will your father continue to give continuity to this beautiful project? In a few years, we will know.

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