Can my child get Ebola?

Can my child get Ebola?

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Every time we hear about a new epidemic, we start to tremble. It is something that happens to all parents. However, there are diseases that, although they seem very dangerous, are more controllable, because their contagion is by direct means, and not like the flu, which swarms through the environment and everywhere with freedom. Ebola, terrible as it sounds, can be avoided. We explain how.

Ebola is a violent virus but that spreads less quickly than other viruses. It is not a disease that especially attacks children, and its contagion can be controlled. These are the basic points that you should know about this disease:

1. Ebola is a virus. But it is not an airborne virus. It is not spread by coughing or sneezing. Its contagion occurs directly, by contact with the blood or excrement of the infected person. Its contagion can be controlled isolating the infected patient. The people most at risk of infection are the health workers who care for the Ebola patient. Its origin is still unknown, although it is known to have to do with infected animals. For example, some species of fruit bat carry the disease. Incubate for 2 to 21 days.

2. Symptoms, among othersThey include a very high fever, muscle weakness, headache, vomiting, diarrhea, and internal bleeding. Ebola affects the capillary endothelium and several immune cells.

3. There is no treatment or vaccine that heal it, although it is being experienced in several ways. At the moment there is no 100% effective drug or vaccine to eradicate Ebola.

4. Once infected, ebola is very lethalAlthough it depends on its typology (there are several types of Ebola). The one that has spread across West Africa since 2013 is the most dangerous. It kills in 90% of the cases.

5. The risk of Ebola expansion in the Americas and Europe is low. There are many health controls at the borders. Keep in mind that Ebola has killed less than a thousand people since 2013, while malaria, for example, kills about a thousand children under the age of five a day.

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