Münchhausen syndrome and children

Münchhausen syndrome and children

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The child does not complain, but his mother or father constantly takes him to the hospital. He thinks he is sick. But the doctor is not able to find his ailment. Maybe your mother or father is faking the symptoms of an illness to attract attention or even to hide abuse. But it may also be that you think your child is really sick.

His disease is called Münchhausen syndrome by proxy, and it has to do with the mind. It is named after the stories of 'Baron de Munchausen', a crazy novel about the fanciful adventures of a military character.

Münchhausen Syndrome is a mental illness that only occurs in adults, but by default it can affect children. In this case (when children become victims of the disease), it is renamed Münchhausen syndrome by proxy.

An adult suffering from Münchhausen Syndrome thinks he is sick. And he believes so much in his illness that he causes it. Either because some type of damage is infringed or because it causes the symptoms of the disease. It is a disease of the mind and occurs in people who are desperately trying to get attention.

When the adult who suffers from the disease does not see the disease in himself but in his child, then we talk about Münchhausen syndrome by proxy. In this case, it is the sick mother or father who thinks that their child has a disease and insistently goes to the doctor with him. In some cases it has been discovered that this type of attitude by the parents tries to hide some type of abuse towards the minor.

The Münchhausen Syndrome by proxy is a very dangerous disease for the child, since the sick adult tries to cause the symptoms of the disease in his child, and can even get to medicate him unnecessarily and thus cause a greater evil.

People with Münchhausen Syndrome need psychological treatmentAlthough it is a disease that has not yet been studied enough.

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