Pee on the bed: What to do to protect the mattress

Pee on the bed: What to do to protect the mattress

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It is clear that the worst thing about enuresis is getting the child to control the pee and stop wetting the bed during the night. However, it is understandable that parents of a child with enuresis would resent having to get up to change the sheets on their child's bed night after night, without showing any kind of retaliation.

Apart from the disorder that their child presents with the lack of toilet training, parents also worry about the condition of their child's mattress as well as that the child is kept clean and dry.

To protect the mattress, there are two modes: The cellulose protector, which is an absorbent and waterproof product for single use, or the waterproof covers. The latter are placed under the sheets to avoid direct contact with the child's skin, and have some disadvantages, such as that they give heat and that they must be washed regularly.

Another more comfortable option for the little ones is the use of disposable diapers, which keep children dry and comfortable, also preventing the sheets and mattress from getting dirty. The most recommended diapers are those with a mesh-panty, because they consist of a dressing of variable size and a washable elastic panty. In addition, they adapt perfectly to the body, allowing greater freedom of movement.

On a material level, these are just some solutions to prevent parents from getting up every night to clean their child as well as their bed, as well as so that the child does not feel so embarrassed and intimidated by not controlling the pee. It is important for the little one that he feels that he can count on the collaboration of his parents. In this way, their self-esteem will increase, the child will feel more secure and that will help them to have more control over their physical needs, and to grow and develop without any complex or fear.

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