Orthodontics during pregnancy

Orthodontics during pregnancy

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When we become pregnant, it is inevitable to start to consider what routines can affect our baby ... Highlights or hair dyes, gym, anti-cellulite care are questioned and this also happens with people who are undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Many pregnant women who know this recently come to my office concerned about whether it is convenient to have orthodontic treatment during pregnancy.

First, it would be necessary to distinguish between three types of pregnant women:

1. Patients who have already started orthodontics and want to become pregnant during treatment or have heard the happy news when they were already wearing orthodontic appliances they ask me: is orthodontic treatment harmful for my baby? Absolutely.

It is necessary that you communicate to your orthodontist that you are expecting a baby so that they do not perform any dental X-rays from the moment you know it, or from the moment you start trying to get pregnant. Dentists always treat women of childbearing age looking for a pregnancy as if they were already pregnant because they really can be pregnant and not know it.

2. Another group of patients are those who want to start orthodontic treatment but would like to become pregnant during the time it lasts.

Orthodontic treatments are sometimes long treatments. There are many times when I recommend orthodontic treatment to young women and I tell them about the duration (between 12 and 24 months normally) they ask me: Can I get pregnant during treatment? and my answer is: 'once we have done the x-rays you can'.

To these patients I recommend on many occasions to correct minor problems, especially aesthetic, that they perform the treatment with removable techniques that we perform in the consultation how are removable braces (a very innovative technique with excellent results) or practically invisible techniques like Invisalign. I do it because these techniques, as I have said before, allow patients to maintain excellent hygiene during treatment, reduce emergencies and pain in the consultation, can be removed at specific moments (in this case, delivery) and allow treatment to continue during prolonged absences

3. The other group of patients are those who are previously pregnant want to start orthodontic treatment. In this case I do not recommend at all since to carry out a good diagnostic study and a good planning of orthodontic treatment it is necessary to carry out a series of diagnostic tests, some of them such as molds of the mouth, photographs of the face and teeth and records of The bite of the patient does not imply any risk for the pregnant woman or the baby, but other essential tests to make a good diagnosis are a PANORAMIC X-RAY (to be able to see all the teeth among other things) and a SIDE SKULL X-RAY (to be able to diagnose skeletal disproportion problems among other things).

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