Carrying babies: is it bad?

Carrying babies: is it bad?

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Many everyday situations that we live with our children are very curious and deserve to be shared for the simple fact that knowing other experiences, some even very funny, we also learn.

On this precious path to motherhood and fatherhood, we will also have to know and live the need that many babies have to ask for the arms of their father and mother, again and again. Is it good or bad?

The situations that we live with our children, when they are babies, are very common among all mothers. When I had my daughter, my mother gave me advice that I have used, as far as possible, in her education. 'Think hard before allowing any wishes from your daughter. If you allow it once, you will have to do it forever. '

I think what she meant by that is not spoil my little girl. She is right, but when it comes to carrying the baby I don't think it's a bad habit. A bad habit would be to accustom her to something bad, right? From a very young age, my daughter loved that her father and I carried her in our arms, that we cuddled and snuggled her as if we were a nest. We did not see that attitude as a whim, we only saw traits of joy and satisfaction in her little face. I think that carrying babies in your arms does not represent anything bad or inappropriate, at least as long as you can do it and with limits, of course.

I remember to this day that one day I was super tight to go to the bathroom and at this very moment, I had my daughter in my arms. So, I tried to put her in her crib, then in her chair, but she opened a mouth that I had no choice but to carry her in my arms to the bathroom, sit on the toilet with her, and satisfy my needs with her in my arms. That was like a Maitena comic. While doing what I was doing, I asked myself, 'is it normal for a mother to do that?' I cannot omit that I have felt somewhat ridiculous, although at the same time I have felt proud of my role as mother.

My daughter has always wanted arms and I, whenever her weight allowed me, I held her close to my body. As she has grown, she has stopped needing arms without my saying anything. Today, sometimes, when she is tired, she 'asks me for arms', but not for me to carry her in my arms, it would be impossible, but when I am lying on the bed, she throws herself on top of me, and tells me with her arms, who wants 'nest', affection, affection, love ... And I feel in heaven !!!

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