Animated films and children

Animated films and children

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Magic does not understand age. And animated films play with that advantage: they are magical. How else could they transform a doodle into a drawing and make a drawing look so real?

An animated film is the most wonderful materialization of dreams. That is why it sometimes seems unreal, fantastic, exaggerated. Cartoons can fly, grow to infinity, touch the moon, and the stars. They can achieve the unattainable and of course also stumble, suffer and learn from mistakes.

For children who cannot yet read, an animated movie is as close to a book as possible. In it a story is told, a message is conveyed. Children learn new words, complex meanings. They feel. They laugh and they also cry. And it is that sometimes, the images can express as much or more than a word.

Years ago, cartoons they were full of values ​​that have had to change. Cinderella, Snow White or Sleeping Beauty, are part of the past. Now girls are not princesses dressed in pink whose only mission in life is to wait for their prince charming to arrive. Animated movies are more real and aware of changes. The new cartoons show fighting girls and boys, dreamers, sensitive, headstrong, and also mischievous. New characters in animation sometimes lose. Others win. But they never give up and always pursue their dreams.

The animation it is an excellent tool in the education of children. And they are not only used to convey values. Also to teach knowledge. In, Traposo (a sweet bear made from scraps), teaches children colors, letters, and different languages. He also sings and plays with the children to guess riddles. An example of how a simple drawing can become a fantastic teacher.

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