Homemade crafts for the Christmas Nativity Scene

Homemade crafts for the Christmas Nativity Scene

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A personalized and very original Christmas Nativity scene, as well as ecological. Use recycled materials to make this fun craft with the children and complete all the Nativity figures.

Complete your Christmas Nativity Scene with this fun craft of one mule, we explain how to do it step by step in GuiaInfantil. From cans of liquid yogurt you can make an original craft with the figures of the Nativity.

The ox and the mule were accompanying the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph in the Bethlehem portal, that is why we encourage you to incorporate this figure into your Christmas decoration. Use a bottle of liquid yogurt to make this original craft.

The Birth of child Jesus It is the most celebrated event of Christmas, so this figure cannot be missing in the center of the Nativity scene. We teach you to make a figure of the baby Jesus step by step with recycled materials.

Saint Joseph deserves a place in the Christmas decorations, make this figure with recycled materials to create your own Birth personalized and priginal. Use a bottle of liquid yogurt to make this original craft that we explain step by step.

Learn to make this figure of Virgin mary to place in the Bethlehem. A very simple craft with a bottle of liquid yogurt, paint, wool and felt. We explain how to do this manual step by step in GuiaInfantil.

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