Pride and children

Pride and children

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Pride goes hand in hand with pride and self-love and as with anything in excess it can be harmful to anyone who suffers from it, since in small doses it denotes character and personality but in excess it can be a great defect that hints at great shortcomings.

But of course, how is pride, pride and self-love distinguished if they are usually accompanied? How do you differentiate that a child has pride and not that he is a child with a well-established personality? Pride is a clear indicator of personal insecurity and lack of self-esteem.

A child with pride you will need to always feel superior to others and feel how others are less than him. They are also arrogant and proud children who like to show off their achievements and who also have trouble controlling anger if there is someone who is not able to compliment them on what they brag about.

As if that were not enough, the proud child wants to be loved but at the same time it is difficult for him to offer his affection as well as to receive it, trying to appear superior because of the ego. Pride is like a balloon that begins to inflate but where there will come a moment when it cannot inflate any more and explode showing everything how small it really feels.

A child with pride will attack the weakest because it will reflect its own shortcomings (which it wants to hide at all costs) and without realizing it it will feel that it is against the weak but not because it has done anything, simply because it feels that way by believing it incapable.

But at the same time a child with pride will need to be surrounded by subjects to show daily how superior you are because you need to be flattered, always being on the defensive and causing fear and / or rejection in your peers.

Behind a child with pride there is a child with fear. Fear of criticism, fear of not being the best, fear that friends or parents will criticize him. And how is that fear camouflaged? Appearing to be what he is not to be able to feel above others when in reality the child with pride just look for recognition and affection but he does not know how to express it in another way, a love that he yearns for but at the same time rejects.

The inferiority complex and low self-esteem will make the child and pride go hand in hand for a long time trying to hide it by talking about achievements, how well he does things, seeking recognition and control of situations.

So we can see that self-love takes up little space in pride when it is extreme since it would be self-esteem and pride in excess and mismanaged.

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