The nasal aspirator for babies

The nasal aspirator for babies

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As in almost everything in life, there are defenders and detractors, and in the case of the nasal aspirator for babies and children it was not going to be different.

The fact is that children and snot are an indivisible pairing and that is why this type of suction solutions have emerged, some manually and others electric, but all with the same function, clearing the snot from the child's noses.

Once you have decided to use the snot remover, both have the same drawbacks, but perhaps the electric one is a little less complicated, since the suction is done continuously and in one go, and with the manual you will have You have to make several aspirations, with how difficult it is to have a child still to do that kind of thing.

While in the manual you have to blow off the snot and are also stored in a tube with a sponge that sometimes does not fulfill its function, the electric one has a department that can be cleaned much more comfortably.

The first is not to create a dependency of the child to this type of device and that can make the child delay his learning in this aspect. Therefore they should only be used in exceptional cases.

In addition, a high percentage of the children with whom they use the nasal aspirator are truly terrified of that moment, because of the sensation it produces, which causes them to cry and more snot. Even if the baby or child is very congested or with very obstructed airways, these types of inventions are not good either.

But the main reason to discourage the use of the mucus remover is otitis, since with the use of this type of device it can cause the mucus to enter the Eustachian tube, obstructing it. Therefore, nasal washing is recommended, preferably with serum, to the detriment of nasal aspirators. Washing should be once a day if the child is healthy and five times a day if the child is sick.

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