What will your son be like when he is 18 years old

What will your son be like when he is 18 years old

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Knowing what children will look like when they are of age is a very common curiosity among parents. Time passes very quickly and when we realize it our son has grown and changed in many ways. Not only is their behavior and their way of responding or reacting to situations different, as is their physique. Apart from the fact that she has grown a lot, her little face reveals a new look, features and other changes.

This happens, for example, with the child protagonist of the film 'Boyhood', which took 12 years to be recorded, to accompany the growth of the protagonist from six to 18 years of age.

Boyhood,awarded as best dramatic film by the Golden Globes,is a drama that follows the life of Mason (the protagonist) from the ages of six to 18. On the big screen we can see how his appearance changes, how he goes through puberty, and all the vital changes that the child experiences during 12 years. Boyhood begins when 6-year-old Mason is in his early days in elementary school and ends when he leaves his mother's house to go to college. The film is an X-ray of the American middle class and of a decade, that of the 2000s.

Boyhood is one of these movies that when you see it at home or in the cinema, it will make you keep thinking about it for a long time, especially if you are a mother or father. It makes you reflect on education, on the expectations parents have for their children ... and you will realize that each child is different. Each child has his own rhythm, his own wishes and dreams. Now when I look through my daughter's photo album, I am not only impressed with how her appearance has changed, but with how she has grown inside. On the outside, she still has the same smile and the dimples that appear on her cheek when she smiles.

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