Most popular girl names for 2015 in Venezuela

Most popular girl names for 2015 in Venezuela

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When choosing the name of the baby, parents debate between two options: either they choose a name that continues the family tradition or they opt for a original name. But in both cases the goal is to find a name that fits the girl's personality.

Fashions also have a lot to do with this choice of name and families in Venezuela are clear about the most popular names for girls in 2015. They are beautiful names that combine tradition with modernity. You will surely find on this list the best name for your girl.

1. Pink. The name is of Latin origin and its meaning refers directly to the beauty of 'the flower'. Although it is a traditional name, it has not lost any of its charm because it has a lot of strength.

2. Camila. It is a name of Etruscan origin that means 'minister'. Win positions on the list of frequent names because it is a name with personality and a very distinguished touch.

3. Sofia. This name of Greek origin that means 'wisdom' It is a regular on the list of popular names for girls around the world. If you like it so much it is because it exudes charisma and personality.

4. Valentina. It is a name of Latin origin with a meaning related to 'the force'. It is one of the most beautiful names for girls because it highlights the delicacy of any girl.

5. Isabella. It is a name of Hebrew origin that means 'promise of God'. It is actually a variant of the classic Isabel that is presented with a more sophisticated and much more modern air.

6. Victory. The name has a Latin origin and a meaning related to the 'triumph'. It is one of those classic names for girls that remain current outside of fashions.

7. Valeria. This name has a Latin origin and means 'strong'. It is one of the most attractive names for girls and it sweeps up the frequent name lists because it is full of charm.

8. Samantha. It is a name of Aramaic origin that means 'the one who listens'. It has become a very popular name for girls because it is totally original and modern.

9. Mariana. The name has a Latin origin and its meaning refers to another more popular name 'Mary'. In this version the name gains in originality and is presented with great force.

10. Nicole. This name is the French-speaking version of a name of Greek origin that means 'the victory of the people'. It is liked by parents and girls alike because it is a charming name capable of reinforcing the personality of your girl.

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