Videos of candy recipes for children's parties

Videos of candy recipes for children's parties

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Ideas for recipes of sweets and desserts to celebrate days as special as children's birthdays, children's parties or Father's Day or Mother's Day. You can also follow the instructions on how to make a birthday cake or cookies for the First Communion of your kids.

Do not miss these videos of recipes for cakes, cupcakes and other types of desserts, so you can follow our advice step by step when preparing Rich sweets for children's parties.

Fun videos with delicious recipe ideas to make cakes and sweets own children's birthdays and other celebrations such as Father's or Mother's Day.

Chocolate cake with margarine. Make a chocolate margarine cake for your child's birthday. Easy recipe for chocolate cake filled with cream. Chocolate and cream cake for children's birthday.

Rose shaped cupcake. We teach you how to decorate some cupcakes using buttercream in an easy and simple way. This dessert is ideal for children to get into the kitchen and make a gift for Mother's Day.

Red velvet cake. The Red Velvet cake is very typical on Valentine's Day, but you can prepare it at any party to surprise children and adults. We teach you how to make, step by step, the Red Velvet Cake so you can surprise your children. Apart from the beautiful presentation it has, this cake is exquisite. Your children will love it.

Three chocolate cake. The three chocolates cake has a fun and original presentation that children will love. our site offers you a simple and light recipe, a good option for birthday parties, as it is prepared in advance.

Homemade fondant recipe. Homemade fondant recipe made with clouds. Ideas for decorating children's desserts and cakes. How to make fondant to coat cakes, pies, muffins or buns.

Vanilla cookies. Vanilla Chocolate Bunny Cookie Recipe. Cookies decorated in the shape of a bunny. Easter bunny cookie recipe for kids. Easy recipes for Easter with children.

Lemon tart with meringue. Recipe for lemon tart with meringue for children's dessert. our site offers us a recipe that, in addition to being rich, is full of vitamin C. A light lemon-flavored cake decorated with meringue.

Apple pie. How to make, step by step, an apple pie or apple pie. our site offers us an American recipe to celebrate birthday parties, thanksgiving (Thanksgiving) or any other family party. An easy, simple and very quick recipe to make. The apple is one of the favorite fruits of children.

Margarine cookies. Homemade cookies with margarine recipe for children. Learn how to make your own homemade cookies with margarine with your children to serve at breakfast or children's snack time. Guiainfantil teaches you how to make this recipe step by step.

Coffee cupcakes with tie for dad. For parents we can cook with the children this recipe for coffee muffins, a nice gift for Father's Day. We suggest you make some coffee muffins, very simple and traditional. An excellent breakfast.

Heart fondant cake. Video on how to decorate a heart-shaped cake. An easy and simple recipe to make with children and give as a gift for Mother's Day, for Christmas or for any other celebration. The cake decorator, Estrella Nuñez Fuertes encourages us to make this exquisite and beautiful recipe.

Gift cupcake. Recipes for Father's Day or Mother's Day. Muffin, muffin or cupcake decorated in the shape of a gift. Decorating desserts with fondant.

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