Narcissus the vain and his Echo. Short legend for children

Narcissus the vain and his Echo. Short legend for children

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Greek mythology is also for children if we tell it in a fun and entertaining way. In Children's guide we are adapting classical mythology to tell children in the form of legends and short stories. Are you accompanying us on this children's journey through history?

Once upon a time there was a very handsome boy named Daffodil. His parents wanted so much to have their baby that from the day he was born they constantly told him how handsome he was. And it was true, Narcissus was a beautiful and resplendent boy. His parents told him how handsome and smart he was so much that the boy ended up believing it too much and became a conceited conceited. Then he started to stop playing with the other children because they weren't as handsome as he was.

Daffodil he spent the afternoons alone. After school he would go to a pond in the forest to look at himself in the water because at that time there were no mirrors. He would crouch at the edge of the pond and stare at his reflection in the crystal clear water for hours -I'm so handsome Narcissus was saying. And the others also thought that Narciso was very, very handsome. One afternoon a forest nymph named Echo He walked over there and found Narcissus looking at himself in the water.

-How handsome you are, do you want to play with me? -Echo said to Daffodil. But Narcissus didn't want to play with anyone. He just wanted to look at himself. So he kicked out the nymph Echo of the pond with very bad manners.

Echo walked away to his cave from where he could see the smug narcissus in the pond. And then he came up with an ingenious trick to play with Narcissus without him noticing. Every time Narcissus said to himself - how handsome I am - Echo repeated -oy, oy-. And if Narciso said-handsome - Echo repeated -apo, apo- .

This echo confused Daffodil and he thought that it was the water that repeated his words. So he ducked a little more to see who was talking to him and fell into the water. In the place where Narcissus fell into the water a beautiful flower It bears his name so that everyone could contemplate its beauty.

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