Paper whale. Children's recycling crafts

Paper whale. Children's recycling crafts

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Original recycling children's craft that you can easily do at home with the little ones. Ideal to explain to children the importance of respecting and caring for the environment.

Making this craft of a whale with recycled materials will help children develop creativity and motor skills. And, above all, your children can create their own toy, an ornament or a fun gift.

  • Paper bag
  • Diary paper
  • Elastic rubber
  • A ball of white cork
  • Blue and white cardstock
  • Tempera or blue watercolor
  • Pencil
  • Glue
  • Pair of scissors

1. Put newspaper balls inside the cardboard bag, filling it halfway, and close it with the rubber band.

2. Paint the bag with blue tempera.

3. Draw the whale's fins on the blue cardboard and cut them out.

4. Now cut a wide strip on the blue card, and finer strips along it, but without separating them. Then shape each strip by rolling it up with the technique of "stretching" them while pressing them with the scissors. Then roll the wide strip on itself.

5. Finally cut the ball of white cork in half and paint a small black circle in the center; it will be the eyes. Also draw a mouth on a cardboard and cut it out. Attach all the parts to the blue bag.

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