Santo Carlos Bono Day, March 2. Names for boys

Santo Carlos Bono Day, March 2. Names for boys

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Carlos is a name for a boy of Germanic origin that means 'strong man'. It is a vigorous name from a long tradition that remains unchanged as one of the most frequent names. Very often, the name of your child is accompanied by another according to the preferences of the parents. And if you are thinking of a compound name, the ideal is Carlos Bono, especially if he was born on March 2, since it is when his name day is celebrated.

Because of the meaning of his name, Carlos implies a great strength of character. He is a dynamic person with alert intelligence, with an innate leadership capacity. That makes him perfect for social relationships, where he gets on easily and successfully. In addition, Carlos is hard-working and tenacious and likes to be completely involved in what he believes in.

The name CarlosIt is known throughout the world and it is also very frequent in other countries, since it is a name with character. Among its most familiar variants we have the Catalan Carles, the German Karl and the Polish Karol. Also, we especially like the Italian Carlo and the English and French way Charles. Its most frequent diminutive is Charly, used in many languages.

We could draw up an endless list of personalities that have borne the name of your child throughout history. And is that Carlos is the name of kings and emperors like Charlemagne, Charles V or the current Prince of Wales, Charles of England. Without forgetting the name of the King of Spain emeritus, Juan Carlos I.

The show business is also full of characters named Carlos, like the American actor Charlie Sheen or the mythical Charles Chaplin. In music we find Carlos Jean, the ever-present tango singer Carlos Gardel, the Colombian Carlos Vives or the Venezuelan Carlos Baute. And we do not lack Carlos in sports, like the pilot Carlos Sainz, the footballer Carles Puyol or the tennis player Carlos Moyá.

Did you know that the moment you choose a name for your baby, you are also giving him a digit that will mark his personality? And it is that behind each consonant and each vowel that contains Carlos's name there is a number hidden. If you add all of them (C-3, A-1, R-9, L-3, O-6 and S-1) until only one remains (33 = 3 + 3 = 6), we will have 6.

According to numerology, this digit can help us to know a little better the personality and character of our child, both the good side and the not so good side. Ready to find out?

- Positive traits
They are children, in general, very calm, who do not like to be involved in controversy. They are very peaceful, social, empathetic ... Wonderful! In addition, they stand out for being very responsible and hardworking, which will lead them to achieve great goals in life.

- Negative traits
Perhaps the least beautiful part of their personality lies in the high sensitivity they possess. It will be difficult for them to accept criticism that is made of their work and they will not bear feeling rejected or ignored by the people around them. As parents, you will have the mission of helping them develop their self-esteem and self-confidence and thus prepare them for the obstacles that can arise in life.

Carlos Bono (Prince of Denmark, later Count of Flanders and defender of the poor assassinated for defending peace) is celebrated on March 2, but do not be surprised if you receive any other day a message from a relative congratulating your little one. And, as with other names, throughout the year there are several dates to celebrate an onomastic about Carlos.

  • Saint Charles of Seze. January 6th. He was a poor child, who asked in the street and who will go down in the history of the Church for encouraging his companions to imitate and follow the example of God.
  • San Carlos Lwanga and companions. 3 of June. He and his companions (aged between 14 and 30) died defending the Christian faith.
  • Saint Charles Hyon Song-mun. September 19th. He lived in Seoul, Korea, and risked his life so that other missionaries would come to the country and spread the word of God.
  • Saint Charles Garnier. October 19. He died, in a very tragic and bloody way, while officiating the sacrament of baptism
  • Saint Charles Borromeo. November 4th. He was one of the promoters of the Council of Trent, Bishop of Milan and a person dedicated to his faithful.

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Behind a boy named Carlos we can meet some parents who love Germanic culture, hence they have decided on this name. If you want to know more options in case you have doubts at the last minute or know what are the most popular names in Germany, take note!

  • Bruno. Without a doubt one of the most common names is also the rest of Europe and Latin America. It means 'cuirass'.
  • Hugo. Stomping along comes this four-letter boy's name that 'intelligent and insightful man'. Little more can be added! True?
  • Rodrigo. 'The one who brings the glory' is the meaning of this name that does not have a female version but does have a patronymic, Rodríguez, used as a surname.
  • Beltran. Name still unknown, but one that is gaining followers every year. It is a name with great force that means 'shining raven', alluding to the raven that always goes with the god Odin.
  • Walter. It can be translated as 'the head of the army'. If you want your child to be a leader, this name is perfect for your little one!

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