Musical psychomotor game with parachute for children

Musical psychomotor game with parachute for children

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Children's psychomotor skills play a very important role in the first years of life of our little ones. Knowing how to approach it through music and its benefits, complements more positively in all psycho-evolutionary and affective aspects.

Psychomotricity in children is used on a daily basis, children play, jump, run, constantly grasp elements and use movement as a form of expression.

Many times psychomotor skills are linked to music. It is proven that performing movements at a constant pace and maintaining a fixed routine of times helps to develop motor exercises in a more consolidated way.

To carry it out, we present you a very fun activity in which the relationship between psychomotor skills and music is very well reflected. We present you the Parachute, a giant canvas full of colors that stimulates the senses and fills any activity with color and emotions.

The song 'We are Batucado' of our musical methodology is an ideal piece to carry it out. Its musical structure is very rhythmic and invites movement. We will use it as follows:

- We unfold the parachute and hold them with our hands.

- When listening to the different rhythms, we execute the movements according to the rhythm of the music, exchanging the psychomotor actions.

With this parachute game we develop the 4 essential fields in psychomotor skills:

1. Body Scheme: Children express themselves through their bodies and perform movements up and down, in front and behind.

2. Laterality: They make movements to one side or the other, becoming aware of space.

3. Balance: The little ones maintain stability when performing any motor exercise.

4. Motor skills: They use fine motor skills when grabbing onto the parachute and gross motor skills when dancing, jumping and running.

All these fields are related to the Tempo and the musical Rhythm. By adding music to these exercises, we force the little ones to maintain a fixed structure of movements with which they internalize the movements in a dynamic, sound and visual way and thus have greater awareness of the space to express themselves.

Helping our little ones in this regard is a very simple task following these guidelines. You will have a great time and you will also share a pleasant and fun experience with them.

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