Obesity in babies

Obesity in babies

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Obesity is a rare disorder in babies before 6 months, when they are fed exclusively with breast milk or artificial milk. However, it is already common to find babies who suffer from obesity from that age, when complementary feeding begins to be introduced.

How do I know if my baby is obese? According to World Health Organization, when the baby's weight is 20% higher than the ideal weight according to the percentile tables.

The main cause of obesity in babies is due to mistakes when feeding the child- Large amounts of food are given, food is introduced ahead of time, or sweets are offered. All this makes you increase your weight, especially in those stages in which your mobility is reduced and you do not perform physical exercise.

They are not frequent but children exclusively breastfed may also be obese since many times mothers offer the breast to the child every time he cries because they think he wants to eat. In this way, the number of shots is multiplied.

There is also a genetic component for obesityAlthough the main reason for the child to suffer from obesity is that the bad eating habits of the parents are passed on to the children.

We must not forget that obesity implies a complication for health. The main risks of having a baby with obesity are:

- shows delays in movement because it is difficult for them to move excess weight: they take time to walk, sit or crawl.

- You learn to eat from the early stages so the baby's appetite will be determined by that poor diet.

- they can later suffer diseases such as diabetes, disorders of the locomotor system, cardiovascular problems and even some type of cancer.

The main prevention of obesity in babies is that breastfeeding is done exclusively up to 6 months avoiding introducing any other food. And, when complementary feeding is carried out, do not give the baby sweets, cookies, snacks, fried foods or soft drinks.

If the baby already suffers from an obesity disorder, it is important that the pediatrician see him so that he can review his diet and give parents healthy guidelines according to his age and weight.

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