When maternity leave ends for working mothers

When maternity leave ends for working mothers

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In some countries like Spain, the period of maternity leave is short, or at least it has been short for me, especially because I have been forced to interrupt breastfeeding before six months. Although on one occasion I was able to add the month of vacation to the 16-week maternity leave, the most difficult part of joining work was having to use the breast pump in the middle of the workday.

And it has always been a bit absurd to me that maternity leave lasts only 4 months instead of 6 months, which is what the WHO establishes regarding feeding on demand of the baby based on breast milk.

March 8 is the International Day of Working Women, I would like to pay a special tribute to all those women and mothers who today are burdened because their maternity leave ends and they have to go back to work. And it is that as the labor circumstances are due to the global economic crisis, it could well be said that having a job today is almost a privilege and even more so in the case of women, whose unemployment rate is higher than that of the men.

So if your maternity leave ends and you are overwhelmed with the imminent incorporation to work, change the chip, leave your house and the care of your child organized and so you can be calm at work. If you consider experience work as a source of enrichment personal and not as a limit in your role as mother, you will feel more comfortable and happier.

Children need happy mothers who nurture and care for them in a positive, constructive, and hopeful way. Dividing the day between work and diapers and bottles can be exhausting, but also extremely rewarding. Being at my job also helped me get out of my domestic routine. At first, I admit that it was hard, very hard for me to separate from my baby to go to work, but when I came home after a day of work, my son was waiting for me with open arms and then changing his diaper was a gift, no an obligation.

Later, when the children get older, the reunion in the afternoon at the door of the nursery or school is a very important moment. With schooling, children start a new life, habits and routine and, if we mothers are working, in some way we can feel that we have recovered our life because we have realized ourselves as mothers of families, and as the professionals that we have always wanted to be.

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