How to exercise with your children

How to exercise with your children

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Get up running, make breakfast running, take them to school running, climb stairs, go down stairs, go to the market (running), make food, pick up the house, clean, iron, put washing machines, return to school (running) to pick up children. Taking them to after-school classes, helping them do their homework, bathing them, making dinner ... and there's still time to exercise? Isn't the exercise we do daily with basic tasks enough?

Surely many moms answer that there is no time to go to the gym. But this may no longer be an excuse. A 'trimami' mother has the answer to our complaint: she suggests exercising with her children.

Squats, push-ups, weights ... the amount of exercises that can be done with the children! For all those who still doubt how to do a complete exercise table with their children, here is this nice video of a gymnast mother who teaches us some tricks:

Use the children's cart or chair to do squats or push-ups ... strengthen your arms by doing weights with one of the twins ... and finish with stretching using, of course, one of your children.

The truth is that at first glance it seems idyllic, and even simple, but my experience tells me that you have to have a lot of willpower, children who volunteer without protesting and energy, a lot of energy (just that energy that many mothers missing at the end of the day). And it is that many moms prefer, after a tiring day of racing against time and endless tasks, simply to sleep.

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