Decorate a mug for dad. Crafts for kids

Decorate a mug for dad. Crafts for kids

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The Father's day It is one of the most anticipated events for children. The little ones in the house spend the weeks before making children's crafts to give to their beloved and admired parents.

In Guiainfantil We teach you this craft for children with which you will learn to decorate a cup of coffee very classy for dad. A perfect gift to show him how much you love him.

  • 1 white ceramic mug
  • 1 small plate
  • Markers for porcelain

Tip: Use special markers so that the decoration does not rub off when washing the mug.

1. Get a cup and plate set. It is important that they are ceramic and white in order to decorate it to your liking.

2. Draw a sketch on a blank piece of paper before painting on the mug. When you have decided on your design, draw on the mug with the help of special porcelain markers. Draw pictures or write a nice dedication for Dad. You can use the colors you want.

3. When you have your decorated mug, let it dry in the open air. You can speed up the process using a hair dryer.

My name is Gray G. I am eight years old. I love doing things, reading, traveling and making delicious recipes like this one.

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