Dream about whales. Interpretation of childhood dreams

Dream about whales. Interpretation of childhood dreams

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How many times have we admired, and at the same time feared as children the immensity of a whale? It is a most fascinating animal, which especially attracts the attention of the little ones due to its size. The appearance of whales in fables and stories is the most recurrent, so it is not surprising that this image also appears in children's dreams.

The fact that a child dreams of a whale can bring different meanings, but they all get close to one of the most important people in their life, and who is of course their reference in childhood: his mother.

For a child, a whale can be a huge and majestic mammal, or it can turn into a real monster depending on what they have heard beforehand. If you look at the tale of Pinocchio, the whale that swallows his dad is portrayed as the villain of the story, as he prevents father and son from being together.

However, what a child may think of a specific animal or image when he is conscious does not have to be reproduced as it is in his dreams, since these have a reading or a meaning that contributes much more and that reaches the field of psychoanalysis.

Beyond the image that a child may have with his eyes open, what matters is what it means to dream of the queen of the seas. As we said, if there is something that has to do with the dreams in which they appear Whales, that's the mother of the child in question. This mythical animal reflects in the dream sense the matter of pregnancy, that moment of connection of the baby and the woman for nine months.

The child can dream of a whale if he feels connected to the mother in a positive way, as he feels protected with its protection.

However, the reading of a child's dream with a whale can also be seen from the opposite prism, which is precisely that of lack of protection. The whale belly it is the place where the dreamer usually is, and this can cause discomfort if there is another who takes his place.

We would be talking, for example, of the arrival of a new little brother to the family, what would be generating within him, probably without being conscious, a situation of jealousy. If it has nothing to do with the birth of a new baby, just a feeling of momentary helplessness that the child is living without being able to say it, and that he wants more attention from his parents, especially the mother, hence the sign of the whale.

On the other hand, many times the child dreams that he is fighting the whale (it does not mean that he is the mother in this case), because he is in a dangerous situation. It would be the opportunity to know if he has elements to defend himself, which would demonstrate an active and resourceful personality, or if he saw himself in a more unprotected way at that time.

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