Children can learn from their dreams

Children can learn from their dreams

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Have you noticed that when children dream something that they remember with intensity, at first, it seems to them that they have lived it? It is as if dreams transport us to a parallel reality, and it gives us the opportunity to think and reflect on what happened.

Although many of the situations that children and adults live in dreams often seem like pure fiction, all of them are subject to many interpretations if we explore the meaning of dreams.

The ability to dream is an activity that we must learn from a young age. As children grow they go through a series of developmental stages in which the child is predisposed for a different and specialized type of learning to take place. To learn to dream it is important to encourage children to remember and pay attention to their dreams from a young age, because at an early age we have a much more open mind.

So, for example, instead of always telling stories to your children, try telling them some of your dreams. If you maintain the habit of sharing dreams with your children every time you remember one of them, they will also tell you theirs and you will be able to participate in a wonderful experience, since many times the subconscious is the one that expresses itself through dreams showing concerns or fears that the conscious part does not express or manifest.

Therefore, it is very important that, when sharing dreams with your children, you avoid saying something like 'that's silly', because they are not. It is true that they are articulated in another plane of reality, that imagination, fiction and real elements are mixed, but what really matters about dreams are not the scenes themselves, but the sensations they produce in the child and which are the that they can open the door of what is happening inside and that we do not see during the day.

If you are interested in interpreting dreams, yours and those of your children, numerous authors have been interested in this topic. However, it is not always advisable to share these psychological interpretations with children because they may reveal parts of themselves that they do not understand or are not yet able to understand.

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