Dream about insects. Children's Dream Interpretation

Dream about insects. Children's Dream Interpretation

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A insect It can be something terrifying for those people who cannot stand these animals, or something really fun for others. There are children who cannot even see them, and others who are willing to be in contact with nature and the open air of the field precisely because of the amount of insects that can be found.

Therefore, it is quite common for children of all types and conditions, both those who they love insects as those who avoid them as much as possible, they are found in their dreams, giving rise to a pleasant sensation or a real nightmare. So what does it mean for you to dream about it?

Despite what it might seem at first, that a child dreams of insects is not entirely positive, at least depending on the 'bug' in question. Meanwhile in the case of the fly, It can be something very annoying, and it could be related to the misbehavior that some children can have in various circumstances.

Dreaming about the fly can reveal that situation of discomfort of our son, which makes him rebel or does not want to follow the rules imposed on him regarding coexistence or education.

If on the other hand we are talking, for example, of a mosquitoIt would also go along the same lines, since it would speak of irritation or a feeling not entirely positive in the case of the child, who would be seeking to attract attention in his environment. If they were cockroaches nor would it be something that bodes well.

On the other hand, we can make a positive reading if the insect in question is for example a butterfly. If our son dreams of a butterfly, possibly that he can caress it or play friendly with it, then luck and fortune are on his side.

The good news and good omens are assured when the child is in his dreams face to face with a butterfly, since it will probably be more pleasant than with another type of insect, and will bring him all good things.

Therefore, the moment the child tells us that has dreamed of insectsIt is recommended that we inquire about what type in question, and the activity with it, since it will depend on whether they are pleasant games, or the most annoying situations.

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