Youtubers children's fashion

Youtubers children's fashion

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Children who teach us how to make gummy bracelets, crafts with recycled material or discover simple experiments. Children talking to other children. Children who have become true media stars. And we are not talking about television, radio or magazines, but about the new mass media that is taking over: YouTube.

Each time they start earlier. Every time we see younger children clinging to the tablet or smartphone, and with hardly knowing how to read or write, they learn by heart a series of letters, letters that lead them to a fascinating and infinite world of entertainment. And suddenly they meet other children, who talk about you to you. These children, young youtubers, they succeed in the network.

It only takes a few minutes to browse YouTube to realize that it is also a place for children for children and children for adults. Among youtubers, there are also small ones. Children who emulate the elders, who also want to create their own videos.

On YouTube there are video tutorials featuring children of all kinds, although those who succeed have to do with crafts and beauty tricks. But there are also children who reveal their secrets and show their expertise with video games and children who despite their young age are true philosophers of life, such as the famous Kid President's, which already has more than a million followers.

Among the reasons for their success: the naturalness, the ease with which they speak. Innocence. Among his audience: children who feel identified with the person who is speaking and older people dazzled by the sympathy of the little ones.

However, and here comes the question: is it okay to allow children to enter this vast and predatory world? Are children prepared to face criticism, comments (often cruel and often destructive) that circulate on the Internet?

We have heard a lot about the dangers children face online. And yet we let them roam freely through them and we encourage them to become stars. With what fame entails. If adults sometimes feel pressure and responsibility when they have so many followers ... how will children cope? Because there are children who are followed by thousands and thousands of people. As the example of Kitty sweety. On her channel, she teaches us how to make bracelets, explains how to play with our classmates in the schoolyard and even presents us with an unboxing of sweets. It only lacks a fan club (although it already has it).

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