How Pregnancy Affects Your Teeth

How Pregnancy Affects Your Teeth

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Pregnancy is a physiological situation for women in which it is especially important to be in good health. In adulthood, it is desirable to go for a check-up with the dentist at least once a year. If any incipient pathology is seen in these reviews, it will be treated and will be of little magnitude.

If we do not go to the dentist only when we already feel discomfort, surely it is because something is already sick. It is not possible to have a healthy pregnancy if there is a problem in the mouth, even if it has not been diagnosed. In other words, a healthy mouth does not make you sick during pregnancy, but a sick mouth gets quite worse during these months.

During the first trimester, it is common to suffer vomiting of greater or lesser intensity. The acid from the stomach, also if there is reflux, affects the enamel of the teeth, typically of the upper incisors on the side of the palate. To prevent this type of injury, it will be necessary strengthen enamel against acid using toothpastes with a very high concentration of fluoride, and complement it with the use of specific mouthwashes.

The usual tips from eat many times a dayHaving cookies on the table for when these annoyances occur, make the mouth constantly be in a process of demineralization that can end up producing cavities or dental erosions. Also, the increase in glucose needs in the last trimester causes a constant craving to consume sweet foods, increasing the risk of cavities.

But if the mouth was healthy before pregnancy, there were no interdental cavities (which are discovered in regular check-ups), it is normal that they do not appear during pregnancy. What will happen is that those that were undiagnosed will worsen. Unfortunately, the case of women who consult for significant pain a few weeks or even days before delivery is not uncommon.

If necessary, the dentist can and should carry out the necessary treatments to solve the dental pathology suffered by the pregnant woman. In case of being an emergency, it will act immediately; otherwise the most suitable trimester to treat will be the second. Taking the necessary precautions X-rays can be done (A periapical X-ray with digital appliances involves the same amount of radiation as a plane trip).

In addition to teeth problems, the other workhorse it's the gums. In pregnant women, an increase in gingival bleeding, and other characteristic lesions that disappear after delivery. But the presence of tartar, the exudate of pus under the gums, and other variables, must be eliminated. The risk of having a premature birth or having a low birth weight newborn as a result of undiagnosed and untreated gum disease has long been proven. Therefore, let us not stop going to the dentist before and during pregnancy to ensure that we maintain our oral and therefore general health.

Irene Iglesias

Maternal and child dentist

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