Sports not recommended for pregnant women

Sports not recommended for pregnant women

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The physical exercise is fully recommended during pregnancy. Among other benefits: it minimizes depression and anxiety, helps maintain an adequate weight, increases the feeling of well-being, reduces the discomfort of pregnancy and recovery after delivery is faster.

However, we must not forget that during these months the change in a woman's body is very great, and we have some limitations when choosing the physical activity to perform.

Physical activities that are not recommended are those that pThey can be dangerous or carry a risk of falls, injuries or you could hit your abdomen. These include skiing, horse riding, polo, rafting, karate and martial arts, boxing, basketball, skating, squash and diving.

We must also take into account those exercises that have a high impact on the pelvic floor: running, jumping, among others. can seriously damage muscles who are already weakened by pregnancy causing, among other things, urinary incontinence, a feeling of weight in the vagina, even problems during intercourse.

On the other hand, although it seems logical, it is necessary to say it: those exercises and practices that pull too much on the rectus abdominis are totally discouraged (the classic abs, getting up and lying down suddenly, without going through being on the side). All that greatly weakens the tissue that remains below these two large muscles, which is called the linea alba, which may even break it, and lead to a diastasis of the rectum postpartum.

That is why we advise women to practice exercise always under the supervision of professionals who understand the changes in the body during the 9 months of pregnancy, and its peculiarities and adaptations; and we advise against those activities that can put the pregnancy at risk, or cause complications to the mother in the short, medium and long term.

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