6 things that the father should not do in pregnancy

6 things that the father should not do in pregnancy

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Parents have a much higher level of involvement than they had a few years ago in terms of education and parenting. They also live the pregnancy from the first stages with enthusiasm and feel the need to be aware of everything that happens throughout the gestation. However, as much as they want to know what happens week by week, they will never be able to finish feeling it as the pregnant woman experiences it. That is why they can make some mistakes.

Nobody is perfect and it is normal to make mistakes, but when you are pregnant there are situations that drive you crazy as they would not at another time. In my case, I would get very angry every time my partner forgot the date of a review, even when I had said it actively and passively. If you are a new dad and you are living your pregnancy with hope and expectation, you should know what are the mistakes you can make withwhat you should never do or say to your partner to avoid a conflict:

1 - Do not go to the gynecologist: avoiding medical consultations will mean that you do not know first-hand all the information that is handled in them, you will not be able to solve any doubts you have and, if an ultrasound is performed, you will lose the images of your baby in the womb.

2 - Not listening to your partnerPregnant women can be very heavy or tiresome, but carrying a baby inside for 9 months gives us the full right to complain or kick if our back hurts or we cannot sleep well. Having a shoulder on which to cry the discomfort of pregnancy is essential.

3- Not participating in healthy life: During pregnancy, the woman must eat a healthy diet and abandon all harmful habits such as tobacco or alcohol. Not showing solidarity with her and continuing to smoke in her presence or compulsively eat industrial pastries does not help at all.

4- Be the protagonist: monopolizing attention in family gatherings or with friends is not correct. The father is also important but the really important weight is being carried by your partner.

5- Do not compromise with your emotional changes: arguing at some point is normal, but it is necessary to understand that the hormonal dance of the pregnant woman is great and many of her mood swings, her anxieties or her doubts translate into an unstable emotional state that must be understood.

6- Not informing you of how a pregnancy develops: we women usually buy magazines, books, we dive on the Internet. Assuming that she will collect the necessary information and that you do not have to know anything more than how to help her in the delivery will not help you to get involved in the process.

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