Babies' techniques for escaping from the crib

Babies' techniques for escaping from the crib

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The crib can be a very small universe for babies who are already able to walk. For this reason, many of them manage to leave their cradle and go out to explore their environment.

This is what a Russian baby has done whose video on YouTube has gone viral because his technique shows a ingenuity, intelligence and creativity out of bounds.

Most babies who escape from their cribs use only one ability: their agility. They climb the bars and when they manage to put a foot on the bar of the crib they already have it. They just have to give one more push to get their body out and jump to the ground.

Surely in his attempt some other baby got hit, but this Russian baby has gone around the world for his extraordinary ability to escape from the crib and also of the possible blows.

And it is that he has devised his own plan for 'Mission Impossible'. The baby removes the mattress from the crib, puts his feet through the hole, pushes the crib onto his parents' bed, and then jumps up and falls soft. His happiness is evident as he raises his arms in victory.

Children's learning ability is amazing. We never learn again so constantly and intensely as in childhood. In these stages the mind is like a sponge and children acquire knowledge with less effort than adults.

That is why experts recommend introducing the learning of another language, a sport or a musical instrument from the earliest stages. You learn more naturally, less mechanically and more quickly.

We do not know how this baby learned to escape, if he devised his plan by himself, if he thought about it when he saw his mother take him out of the crib and put him on the bed or if he has been taught to do so. Be that as it may, it is surprising and shocking to see a baby with these abilities.

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Video: Baby escapes crib (June 2022).


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