37 weeks pregnant

37 weeks pregnant

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The pregnancy week by week has entered its final stretch. From week 37 of pregnancy to week 40 of gestation, delivery is considered full term, so that if you go into labor and your baby decides to be born from 37th week of gestation it would no longer be considered a premature baby. This means that the baby is fully formed and ready to survive outside the womb without the need for an incubator. However, these last weeks of pregnancy are important to complete the growth and development of the baby.

During the 37th week of pregnancy, a small spot or streaks of blood may appear for the first time on the panties, which is called 'cervical bleeding'. You should not be alarmed, since it occurs when the cervix begins to dilate due to the start of contractions.

Usually it appears after a tactile examination by the gynecologist or midwife, and the spotting is usually sparse. In the event that the bleeding is abundant, similar to or greater than a rule, go immediately to the emergency room.

At this stage, also due to the onset of cervical dilation, the mucous plug may be expelled, which is a transparent mucous discharge that is usually accompanied by small strands of blood. The fact that the mucous plug is expelled does not indicate that labor will be triggered immediately. It may still take several days.

The fatigue produced by compression of the lungs due to the space occupied by the uterus, together with the fatigue typical of this stage will increase the need to rest. It should be done at times throughout the day, since in recent weeks it is difficult to accommodate a position to fall asleep at night, which is also usually interrupted several times to visit the bathroom.

In week 37 of pregnancy the baby weighs 2,900 grams Y measures 47 cm. The baby's head may already be embedded in the birth canal between the pelvic bones. When the "cephalic presentation" has not yet occurred this week, as can be seen by ultrasound, unless the baby turns over in the next few days, a cesarean section may need to be performed. Only 3 percent of babies put their buttocks or feet into the birth canal, rather than their head. The "breech presentation" (standing) or the 'breech presentation' are, generally, a reason for caesarean section, since at this stage of the pregnancy it is very difficult for the fetus placed on the breech to turn over, due to lack of space .

Your baby's organs and systems are ready to perform their functions independently. The lanugo (fine layer of hair that covers your skin) is almost completely gone. The caseous vermix, a layer of fat with a protective function on the skin, is gradually reabsorbed, remaining only in the folds of the arms and legs. The baby responds to light, as it is able to turn its head towards the glow.

You will know the result of the rectus vaginal culture, which will indicate whether or not you are a carrier of the germStreptococcus Agalactiae, which is part of the vaginal flora of many women without causing any symptoms or signs (itching, stinging or increased discharge). But if the baby comes into contact with himStreptococcus Agalactiae when passing through the birth canal you could develop sepsis (generalized infection) or meningitis. Remember that if you go into labor you must go to the maternity ward with your medical history of pregnancy so that the staff who treat you have all the data of your pregnancy.

If you have contractions, you will have a cervical examination to see the characteristics of the uterine cervix and its degree of dilation. This examination also helps the gynecologist to perform a pelvic exam and evaluate the characteristics of the birth canal.

One of the most common signs is a decrease in uterine height, due to the fitting of the baby in the maternal pelvis, the pregnant woman's belly seems to have dropped. As a result, it is possible that the digestions are less heavy and the heartburn diminishes and that you feel the need to urinate more frequently due to the pressure exerted by the baby's head on the bladder.

Following a balanced diet is the maximum that you have followed throughout your pregnancy week by week. This means including lots of fruits and vegetables, carbohydrates, fiber, protein, and plenty of fluids on the menu. However, with the need to eat between meals this is not always easy, especially when cravings appear.

However, several studies have shown that snacking between meals, or even eating 4 or 5 small meals a day, is more beneficial than the usual 2 or 3 meals. Healthy snacks and healthy snacks are the most suitable for pregnancy, ensuring that you get that extra energy your body needs in the last weeks of pregnancy, just before delivery.

They can slow down the baby's movements, since they have less space. You are in the final stretch of pregnancy and you will soon have your child in your arms. You will notice that the breasts prepare for lactation by increasing their volume, while the nipples and areolas have darkened and are more sensitive, and their sensitivity increases.

From the 37th week of pregnancy it is important that you be attentive to a series of signs and symptoms called prodrome of labor that are characterized by:

A drop in the abdomen due to the baby's head fitting into the pelvis.

- The appearance of spaced, non-regular and not very painful contractions that normally subside with rest. Its function is to soften the cervix.

- The softening of the cervix that favors the expulsion of the mucous plug.

- It is a gelatinous, brown or bloody substance that prevents the passage of infectious agents into the uterus.

- The loss of the mucous plug does not imply the imminent arrival of labor.

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