Bumpaholics. Women addicted to pregnancy

Bumpaholics. Women addicted to pregnancy

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Have you heard of the word bumpaholic? It is a new term that has come to us from the United States and serves to refer to those women who are addicted to pregnancy. They are women of different cultures, education, social rank or race, but all of them are united by a common nexus: they have one pregnancy after another and cannot find the time to end it.

This group of women constitutes a case to be highlighted since in recent years, there has been a recession in the number of pregnancies in developed countries. The economic crisis and the pace of life imposed by today's society makes many couples decide not to have children or have only one baby. However, famous and anonymous women, stand out from this trend to have many offspring, they are known as bumpaholics.

The fact of having one pregnancy after another cannot be considered an addiction like tobacco or alcohol, however, psychologists are already beginning to coin this term and study the reasons that can lead these women to constantly want to be pregnant.

The explanation given by experts when a woman enjoys pregnancy so much that she decides to repeat it over and over again, is that the well-being hormones released during pregnancy and the euphoria of pregnancy make them feel special, unique and happy. It's a kind of addiction to that feeling.

Another explanation suggested by the experts is that the pregnant woman receives special attention: She is given a seat on the bus, friends and acquaintances want to know about her condition, making her the protagonist of talks and meetings, she has more medical attention than on other occasions ... These care and pampering that she receives make her feel like she is bubble of happiness from which they do not want to leave.

We find bumpaholics among famous moms like Hale Berry or Heidi Klum and anonymous cases like that of Tara Sawyer, a woman addicted to pregnancy who has gone through the experience of motherhood 7 times, both to have children of her own and to be a surrogate. for other couples.

The bumpaholic woman does not mind pregnancy discomforts like nausea or dizziness, bloating, or cramps. They take on these small inconveniences because the pleasure of pregnancy cancels them out.

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