A poem to bring parents closer to their children

A poem to bring parents closer to their children

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Today is not Mother's Day, it is not Father's Day, and it may not be your child's birthday, however, today and now will always be the ideal time to show all your affection to these special beings that they are your children.

For a love, a hug, a joke, a game, or whatever with the children, there is no specific or established date, do not you think?

I reproduce a poem that some parents published in the community of I dedicate it to all moms and dads, and especially to those who, for some reason, do not have time, do not allow themselves or take the attitude of approaching their children, meeting them, or hugging them. The poem is titled 'Hug your kids'. Hope you like.

Mother, pet your children.

Father, hold them tight.

Let them know that you love them

in the morning, at noon, and at night.

Put your arms around them, hold them close to you,

feel the beating of their hearts,

the new life that you made.

Roll on the floor with them

joke, laugh and play,

listen to what they have to tell you.

They have a lot to tell you.

Take time to get to know them,

see the color in their eyes.

Appreciate that person so deep.

Inside your little lies

Let your fingers run through your hair,

bend your head,

fill their hearts with words of praise.

Make your home your favorite place.

Cuddle them closely on the couch and watch a TV show.

Sing with them or share a reading from a book.

And help them grow in your world.

Take some time to walk in the park,

hold the hand,

smell the flowers, feed the ducks.

Build castles in the sand.

Mother, pet your children.

Father, hold them tight.

Show them that they are a gift,

love them to make them feel good.

(Poem collected in the forum of our site)

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