Games that can improve children's attention and concentration

Games that can improve children's attention and concentration

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Many children find it difficult to focus their attention on a certain activityThey are not always children with a disorder such as hyperactivity or ADHD, they are distracted and lose their concentration in the face of anything.

Teachers often reprimand them constantly because they do not attend in class and interrupt during explanations. Parents also scold them because they don't listen to them and they themselves end up frustrated.

Distraction is normal, it happens to all of us, or else, who has not found himself absorbed in a certain moment or has felt unable to concentrate to read, write or even prepare a recipe.

Children can improve their ability to concentrate with some simple games that we can do at home. It is important in any case that, in order to work attention with the child, let's present the activities as a game to motivate them. It is not necessary to crush them excessively with it, it is enough to play two or three times a week and in short periods of time. It is not convenient that you give the solutions to the games to the child, although we can help him find the answer, he must be the one who does the activity.

These activities and games that are aimed at stimulating attention can be put into practice at home:

- The game of chess.

- Memory games with cards or series.

- Maze hobbies.

- Drawings of the 7 differences.

- Put on certain clothes and tell the child to take a good look at what we are wearing, then we leave the room and add or remove an item to our clothing, the child has to find out what it is.

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