French names for girls

French names for girls

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Maybe you have been very clear about the name for a long time or maybe you still do not know how to choose the baby's name. But what you are sure of is that you are looking for a nice name and with personality that fits perfectly with your girl.

In the French cultural tradition we find names for girls with a lot of charm and with a sophisticated touch that is difficult to resist. We have compiled a list with 10 names of French origin for girls in which you will surely find the perfect name for your baby.

1. Anaïs. This name is the French variant of a name of Hebrew origin that means 'full of grace'. We are talking about the traditional girl's name Ana, which in this French version is totally irresistible.

2. Celine. The name belongs to the French tradition although it is of Latin origin and its meaning is related to 'heaven'. It is a name for a girl full of delicacy and that conveys a lot of sweetness.

3. Brigitte. It is a name that we inevitably associate with one of the muses of French cinema. It is actually a name of Celtic origin with a meaning related to 'the force' which is equivalent to the traditional Brígida, but we like it much more in its French variant.

4. Simone. It is the name of one of the great French intellectuals, Simone de Beavoir and we love this French variant of the name Simona, a name of Hebrew origin that means 'the one who listens'.

5. Nadine. This name is the French form of a precious name of Slavic origin that means 'hope'. Both Nadia and Nadine are perfect for a girl for that original and sophisticated touch they have.

6. Michelle. The name exudes personality and elegance in this French variant of Micaela. A name of Hebrew origin that has a meaning of 'like God' and that remains current oblivious to fashions and trends.

7. Julie. This name with a great French accent is a name of Latin origin with a meaning related to 'the Julia family'. If in the variant closest to us, Julia, it already seems to us a most attractive name, in the French version it adds distinction and elegance.

8. Gisele. Few names like Giséle so evocative of French sensuality. It is a name of Germanic origin that means 'arrow' and it transmits great strength, which is why it rises up positions in the lists of popular names for girls.

9. Edith. Although the name is of Germanic origin and means 'the one who fights for wealth', it is inevitable to place it on the list of charming French names due to the mythical singer Edith Piaf

10. Claire. It is the French version of Clara, a name of Latin origin that means 'sparkly'. In this French variant, the name gains in sophistication and overflows with delicacy and subtlety.

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