Why Children Should Listen To Jazz

Why Children Should Listen To Jazz

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'Life is like Jazz, it's better when you improvise ...' (George Gershwin). I love this phrase. It is quite a declaration of principles, a philosophy of life. Improvise. Live in the present, without making plans for the future. Go step by step, discovering the way little by little. Isn't that what you're trying to instill in your child? Don't run, don't plan too much. Discover. Live each moment as if it were unique.

As if this were not enough, jazz, like many other melodies, transmits many benefits on a physical, mental and sensory level. Music, that great ally for the brain of our children. Musical notes are like mathematical algorithms. We may not understand. Our brain, yes.

Music, and of course Jazz as well, has fascinating powers, for adults and of course, for children. Among its benefits we find these:

1. Mitigate the pain of chronic diseases.

2. It is effective against childhood depression.

3. Reduce stress and anxiety.

4. In some hospitals, music therapy is used at the time of delivery to relieve pain during labor and postpartum.

5. Helps to learn new languages.

6. Reduces headaches and migraines.

7. Increases memory, concentration and IQ of children.

8. Improves body mobility and coordination of movements.

Jazz is a song an open door to emotions. It is feeling. It is vital, energetic, free, dynamic. Also relaxing, thoughtful. Jazz helps children express what they feel, freely, without barriers. According to UNESCO, who decided that on April 30 the International Jazz Day, Jazz is a symbol of Peace, of unity. Transmit core values ​​to our children.

Jazz directly affects the mood. It's a way of saying to your child: 'hey, you can say everything you feel. You can complain, laugh, cry, scream. You're free. Don't keep your feelings under a shell. ' Jazz, a true (musical) teacher, without a doubt, of life.

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