Would you like to make a memory diary for your child?

Would you like to make a memory diary for your child?

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Surely you have the most endearing moments that you have lived with your children saved in your memory. Moments like the day you saw her face for the first time, her first birthday party, that day she said 'mom' ... How many things to remember, right? Many times we keep these memories in our memory and we tell our children what they did or said when they were younger.

However, the saying already says: 'memory is a treacherous old woman', and this can lead us to forget moments like when she was able to sit down for the first time, that day when she had a great time splashing around or that phrase she said and that you it was so funny. How angry when it happens!

I know that we are all always very busy and that there is little time for these topics, but a great way to keep those memories forever is to keep a journal for our children. A journal not only has to be a notebook where you can write down your achievements, there are many other ideas:

- The box of memories: We can keep his first pacifier, a newborn diaper, the bracelet they put him in the hospital, his favorite storybook. Kids will love opening the box and finding all those treasures.

- Online journal: there are those who write a diary in the form of emails and they are sending them to an email account. There they relate the vicissitudes of the day to day. And it is that, sometimes it is easier for us to write on the computer than to take out paper and a pen.

- Photo album: it can be made year after year, with the best photos of children. Today there are a lot of free editors through which to put together a presentation with photos and music.

- Video movies: It is now very easy to have videos of children. Surely there are a few on your mobile phone. Do not leave them lost, and edit a movie in chronological order. Then you will be very excited to hear the voices of children when they were little.

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