Sweet recipes with cheese for kids

Sweet recipes with cheese for kids

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Cheddar, Mascarpone, Emmental ... with such a variety of cheeses, it is normal that we find so many recipes, sweet and savory, with this food as the main ingredient. A food, by the way, rich in calcium and with great nutritional value for children. It also provides vitamin D and phosphorus.

However, you do have to take some caution in the case of overweight children, since cheese has a high percentage of fat and is a great caloric intake.

Cheese can also be the protagonist in children's desserts. A flan, assorted crepes or the classic cheese cake. Here are a few recipes for sweets made with cheese for breakfast or your children's snack.

Crepe with mascarpone cheese and strawberries. At GuiaInfantil we propose a mixture of flavors that your family will not be able to resist: the sweetness of the crepes, the softness of the Mascarpone cheese and the intensity of the strawberry. Crepes filled with Mascarpone cheese and strawberries.

Japanese cake with three ingredients. We teach you how to make a cheesecake with only three ingredients. It is a Japanese dessert that will delight the sweet tooth. Cheese, eggs and white chocolate. You don't need more.

Chocolate crepe with mascarpone cheese. In GuiaInfantil we have been thinking about it so that you can make a different recipe for crepes for your children, and we came up with the following: chocolate crepes with mascarpone cheese.

Cheesecake with cherries. This cherry cheesecake recipe is great for dessert or for a kid's birthday party, because it ties the cheese and fruit to the cookies and it looks great.

Cheese flan. Flan is a traditional dessert that admits varieties such as this cheese flan, a quick dessert for children that is very easy to make.

Traditional cheese cake. Cheesecakes are a perfect dessert proposal when we want a light and delicious sweet. our site has developed a traditional recipe for the classic NY cheesecake, no oven. We teach you how to make it, step by step and with photos, following an easy and quick recipe to prepare.

Cheescake recipe. Cheesecake is a traditional dessert highly appreciated by parents and children. It is a simple and light cake, ideal for dessert or for a family celebration. We teach you how to make a traditional cheesecake, step by step, in an easy and fast way, with the participation of children.

Carrot cake and cream cheese. The carrot cake is a classic in American pastries, and now you can easily prepare it at home thanks to this recipe for children.

Mascarpone cheese ice cream. Italian ice creams are among the most famous in the world, and now you can bring them to your table with a simple step-by-step recipe for kids for cream ice cream with mascarpone cheese. Step-by-step recipe on our site

Chocolate cheesecake. This chocolate cheesecake is a very simple and easy recipe to make. Follow the recipe step by step. Kids are going to love it.

Crepe with mascarpone cheese and banana. At GuiaInfantil we suggest you cook some tasty crepes and add Mascarpone cheese, a delicious Italian fresh cheese, and banana. This way you will combine the pleasure of the sweet with the vitamins and nutrients of the fruit.

Cheese bites with quince. This recipe for children for a cheese and quince sandwich is very easy to prepare, and it can be used for the children's snack or the school sandwich.

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