Organic food. Healthy diet for children

Organic food. Healthy diet for children

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Maintaining a healthy diet for children is one of the biggest concerns of parents. The amount of food to be given according to age and type of products are some of the questions that most frequently appear when deciding which dish to prepare for your children.

Nowadays, more and more families are betting on introducing the organic products, due to the benefits they provide in the diet and in the health of young and old.

Currently we find two types of vegetables or products, conventional and ecological. The first of all is to know what a product made in an ecological way gives us and not one bought in a supermarket. Among many other things, fresh, sun-ripened food contains more nutritional properties than packaged.

The longer time elapses between the moment of starting the vegetable and the moment of ingesting it, the less nutrients will reach our body and the more food we will need to ingest to obtain the same energy.

In addition, by acquiring products produced in this way we are ensuring to maintain our ecosystem free of chemicals and GMOs, of which its long-term impact, both on the environment and on human health, is not known for sure.

Some of the effects of this food Conventionals begin to be seen with the increase of allergies in children and newborns. Many allergy sufferers manage to overcome this ailment basing their diet on organic products.

Another positive aspect of supporting organic farming is that it connects us with the natural rhythms. By consuming seasonal products that mark our diet, we take advantage of the vitamins and minerals that the earth offers us to overcome each season of the year.

Many families have chosen to have their own organic garden at home and thus enjoy these products so beneficial to health. A project of this type requires continuous learning, based on trial and error, but involves great satisfaction that make motivation constant.

On other occasions, it is not available neither the terrain nor the time necessary to tend a garden. Best of all, there are already many people who know the benefits of organic products and want to share them with other people who do not have the possibility of having their own garden.

Little by little they are being created alternative networks and systems market that allow producers and consumers to get in contact, so that we can all have free access to healthy and quality products at a reasonable and fair price for both parties.

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- Association of environmental education and rural development.

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