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Names for babies born in January

Names for babies born in January

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Deciding on a name for your baby is not easy. When it comes to naming, we all look for one that fits the personality.

Sure, your baby will start to show his personality very soon, but until then you can help yourself. children's astrology to learn a little about your baby's character and choose the most suitable name.

If your baby is going to born in january It can be Capricorn or Aquarius and there are some characteristics that these two signs of the zodiac share. January babies stand out for their ease of learning and for often becoming true leaders. In addition, they show great curiosity and skills for different areas. We have some names for babies born in January.

1. Ignacio. It is a name of Latin origin whose meaning speaks of a child 'born of fire'. It is a traditional name that retains a very original touch because it has not been exploited. Plus, it comes loaded with a distinctive air that we love.

2. Estefanía. This name is of Greek origin and its meaning is related to the crown of triumphs. It is one of the most charming names because it highlights the delicacy of any girl while providing an original touch.

3. Isaac. The name is of Hebrew origin and its meaning is full of joy. It belongs to the biblical tradition, so it has been known since ancient times. However, its strength is such that it has not lost its freshness over the years, but it is also a very charismatic name.

4. Ariadna. With a Greek origin and a meaning that speaks of purity, this name is known to be that of a mythological character. The Ariadne of the Minotaur, the ingenious princess who devised the ball of thread to find the way out of the labyrinth.

5. Gael. It is a name of Celtic origin and with a meaning related to the generosity. It is one of the most attractive names for boys that has the forcefulness of short names full of personality.

6. Samantha. This name is of Aramaic origin and means "the one who listens". It can be the ideal name for your girl because it brings a modern and sophisticated touch. Samantha is also one of those names that bring charisma and personality.

7. Sebastian. The name has a Greek origin and a meaning of respect. It is one of those names that are endorsed by a long tradition without losing freshness. Sebastián always sounds current and also has a distinguished and elegant air.

8. Peace. Of Latin origin and with an evident meaning of peace, This name is one of those essential short names for girls as well as being one of the most attractive. He is frequently accompanied by Maria, although he has enough strength and charm to go alone.

9. Kevin. It is a name of Irish origin that means "sweet birth". Coming from the Anglo-Saxon tradition, Kevin has been gaining popularity in recent years. It is a fresh, modern, original and charming boy's name.

10. Nicole. This name is of Greek origin and its meaning speaks of the people's victory. It is the French and feminine variant of the traditional Nicolas. In this version, the name is perfect to enhance the beauty and delicacy of your girl.

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