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The lame foal. Children's story about self-improvement and self-esteem

The lame foal. Children's story about self-improvement and self-esteem

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In addition to entertaining and helping them to practice reading, children's stories are an excellent tool to make them reflect on the environment around them and on values. In this case, we tell you the childish story titled "The lame foal", which is about a little horse that was born with three legs. The protagonist of this story did not find any impediment to achieve everything he wanted in life, which can be a good example of self-improvement and self-esteem for your children.

Foal was born with three legs, and mother mare began to cry inconsolably; But it was only a moment

- He can never walk! - Mother mare heard them saying.

But Foaly, although it took longer than his brothers, managed to hold on to his three legs helped by his parents.

- He can never run! - Foaly heard talking about him to the other animals in the field.

But Foaly did not care, rather the opposite, because he was growing up in a family that insisted on the strength of his three legs and never on the one he did not have.

Before long, he also managed to run.

This is how Foaly kept growing, very happy, without being born without a leg for him being any obstacle.

One morning a beautiful mare appeared in the pasture.

Seeing how Foaly was looking at her, the older horses and mares began to murmur.

- You will never notice him.

And for the first time in his life, Foaly felt insecure.

- Is something wrong Foaly? - His mother asked after a few days.

And with great pain he saw that Foaly felt bad, because he was lame.

Foaly, you are strong and good - His mother said - you should feel proud of being who you are.

Every afternoon the young mare went to talk to Foaly, and at no time did she refer to the missing leg.

Before long they had a colt race and his family, as always, encouraged him to perform.

- How can you join a lame colt! - They all heard two foals saying, laughing at him.

That day, Foaly, ran so much and did so well, that to everyone's disbelief he won the race.

His family was immensely happy for him, and the young mare was very happy with her friend's achievement.

Foaly showed everyone that having three legs had not stopped him from doing anything in life; he was able to walk, run and live like any other foal his age. And he knew at all times that he had a wonderful family.

Take advantage of this moment of fun and relaxation with your children toto check if they have heard the story without having the pressure of school homework. We propose some reading comprehension questions that you can propose as a game, never as if it were a boring exercise that can be suspended.

1. How was Foaly born?

2. Was Foaly happy or sad?

3. Why did people make fun of Foaly when he signed up for the race?

4. What did Foaly notice when he finished the race?

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