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Physical problems in children due to the misuse of technologies

Physical problems in children due to the misuse of technologies

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There are many benefits that new technologies provide in the development of children, as long as they are made good use of.

The excess time that children spend on the mobile phone, the computer, the tablets and the video console can lead to the appearance of injuries and pathologies for life in children. Learn about the most common physical injuries in children due to the misuse of new technologies.

Spending many hours in front of the computer in poor posture often leads to back problems and pain, as well as repetitive gestures with the mouse and keyboard can cause wrist and arm injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome or tennis elbow. We can avoid this by teaching children correct postural hygiene at the desk in front of the computer and adapting the chair and table to their size, as well as prohibiting the use of the computer on the knees on the sofa or lying in bed. It is also very convenient for the child to get up and move for every hour in front of the computer.

Regarding the mobile phone, the problem is similar since the injuries that can arise such as tendonitis or joint inflammations are also derived from making repetitive gestures, especially with the thumb. The solution, limit the time that the child spends with the mobile.

And in the same way it happens with consoles or tablets, subjecting the body to bad postures and repetitive gestures an excess of time generates problems in the back and joints that are not typical of childhood.

Another problem that arises from the use of new technologies is childhood obesity, due to the sedentary lifestyle they cause. Obesity that generates in addition to cardiovascular risks, problems in the development of muscles and joints. Several studies show that physical activity is necessary from an early age for the spine to acquire its final shape, and that regular physical exercise reduces the risk of back pain.

To prevent these problems, monitor the posture of your children when they are at the computer or playing with their mobile phones, tablets ... and make sure that for every hour that passes (it is advisable not to be more than two) they get up and move.

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