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Names for girls. Weird but pretty names

Names for girls. Weird but pretty names

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All families want a beautiful name for their girls with personality, which is why it is so difficult to choose the name of the baby. Frequent, popular, original, rare, curious and even eccentric names are sought. But it's about finding the ideal name for the girl.

To aid in the task of choosing that spice nameHe and charismatic, we have put together a list of 10 weird but cute names. They are not frequent names, but they have the peculiarity of being little known, so none of them is worn out by use.

1. Eider. It is a name of Basque origin with an uncertain meaning, although most versions refer to a bird. It is a rare but exceptionally beautiful name with a delicate charm and one that adds charisma.

2. Zenda. This name is of Persian origin and its meaning speaks of a sacred woman. This is an original and rare name with an exotic touch that makes it very special.

3. Melania. The name has a Greek origin and a meaning as sweet as honey. It is the perfect name for a sweet and sophisticated girl with a strong personality. Without a doubt, a safe bet for your girl.

4. Izaro. It is a name of Basque origin with a meaning related to the stars. Because it is a rare name, it retains all its originality and has a charismatic touch that will distinguish your girl.

5. April. The name is of Latin origin and, although it is not strange to us because we know the month of April, as a girl's name it has been little used until now. More prevalent in the Anglo-Saxon world, it can still be considered a rare and beautiful name, but its popularity is on the rise.

6. Calliope. This name is of Greek origin and its meaning refers to a beautiful voice. It comes from Greek mythology because Calliope is one of the muses, specifically that of epic poetry. It is a strange, but beautiful name, with which your girl will surely feel identified.

7. Samay. It is a name of Quechua origin with a meaning that refers to peace and tranquility. We are facing a rare but beautiful name that exudes delicacy and sensuality. In addition, it has great strength to bring personality to your girl.

8. Briseida. The name has a Greek origin and comes from mythical stories. Briseis was a young woman of exceptional beauty who was held captive by the hero Achilles during the Trojan War. It stands out for its musicality and a touch of elegance.

9. Neferet. This name is of Egyptian origin and its meaning speaks of beauty, of loveliness, something that makes it one of the best options for your girl. It is a rare but beautiful name and has a very personal sophisticated touch.

10. Valley. It is a name of Latin origin that has been transmitted to us through religious tradition. It is an unusual name with a great poetic component that can be perfect for your girl. We like Valle because it is a well-known concept, but as a girl's name it is very original.

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