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Tricks to cure a wasp sting in children

Tricks to cure a wasp sting in children

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As soon as spring begins, we love to go outside to play with the children, go to the park or go on a field trip. And some incidents are almost unavoidable, such as wasp stings or bee.

Wasp stings do not pose a health risk, except in allergic childrenBut pain and itching can ruin any child's play day. So we have some tips for quickly heal a sting of wasp in children.

A wasp sting cannot be prevented, but there are some factors that we can take into account to be more alert because there is more danger from the presence of these insects. It is well known that wasps and bees tend to be in places where there are plants and flowers. But they are also attracted to water, which is why it is common to find them in pools, lakes or rivers.

There is also a preference of wasps for fabrics in bright colors or with bright prints, so we can always dress the child in more neutral colors so as not to attract wasps. And it is convenient to avoid perfume, colognes or scented soaps for the little ones when we go to the field.

But as we say, the sting cannot really be prevented, so act quickly by calming the child and assuring him that it is not important. If we turn the sting into an anecdote, the child will feel more secure and less nervous. The pain from the sting is there, as is the inflammation and burning, symptoms that are noticeable instantly.

1. You have to remove the stinger that leaves the wasp with a tweezers, for example.

2. The best remedy, the one that immediately calms the pain, is to apply a little ice wrapped in a cloth in the affected area.

3. There are countless tricks to cure wasp stings and relieve their symptoms. The most common are the vinegar and the baking soda, but you can also put a slice of lemon or the almighty aloe vera.

4. In any case, we must keep the child entertained so that he does not scratch the area.

Some allergic children may experience more serious reactions after a wasp sting, such as a swollen tongue or a feeling of suffocation. In those cases we should not resort to any home remedy, but go immediately to the medical Center closest.

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