Recipes of desserts and sweets with lemon for children

Recipes of desserts and sweets with lemon for children

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Lemon is one of the fruits richest in minerals and vitamins. In addition, it is a very versatile fruit in the kitchen. With the lemon you can prepare various recipes, both salty and sweet.

This time, has selected some dessert and candy recipes with lemon, ideal to close with a golden key to a family lunch or dinner.

Lemons have vitamin C and are very rich in mineral salts such as magnesium, potassium, calcium and phosphorus. It is a healing fruit and very beneficial for the prevention of diseases. Therefore, choose the recipe that your children like the most, and surprise them !:

Homemade recipes with lemon for children's dessert

Lemon tart with meringue. Recipe for lemon tart with meringue for children's dessert. our site offers us a recipe that, in addition to being rich, is full of vitamin C. A light lemon-flavored cake decorated with meringue.

Lemon ice cream. Lemon ice cream recipe. Lemon is a fruit widely used if we cook for children, for example to make a refreshing children's recipe for lemon ice cream. our site brings us a refreshing and delicious recipe: lemon ice cream, step by step.

Lemon muffins. Lemon muffins are a baking classic, and a fun way to get kids started in the kitchen. A simple and tasty recipe for children.

Gluten-free lemon sponge cake. On our site we teach you how to make a gluten-free lemon sponge cake recipe for children. Gluten, which is present in many foods, will not be a problem for your child if he has celiac disease, with this gluten-free lemon sponge cake recipe.

Lemon mousse. Lemon mousse recipe. For heavy meals, prepare a refreshing dessert like lemon mousse, easy and light. our site surprises us with a recipe for children with which they can have fun in the kitchen.

Lemon cake with yogurt. For the little ones, this yogurt cake with lemon and cinnamon is a great recipe to start in the delicious world of desserts.

Homemade lemonade. Homemade lemonade recipe. When the heat comes, children need a lot of fluids from us. Make together this recipe for children for the traditional homemade lemonade, a refreshing drink with vitamin C.

Lemon cake with soy. Recipe for lemon cake with soy. On our site we teach you how to make a vegan lemon cake with soy. A simple and quick dessert, very healthy and suitable for allergy sufferers since it does not contain dairy or eggs. How to make a homemade lemon cake.

Alkaline lemonade for gastroenteritis. The soft diet is the most indicated if your child suffers from gastro-interitis or other stomach diseases. With this alkaline lemonade you will be hydrated and you will recover quickly.

Lemon is a fruit that is reputed to be an indispensable food for everyone. Thanks to its healthy properties, lemon brings many benefits for both children and pregnant women.

1. Helps and accelerates the healing process.

2. Combat constipation and gas

3. Treat and prevent anemia

4. Strengthens the bones

5. Helps in digestion and weight loss.

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