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9 ideas that you will like of compound names with Juan for children

9 ideas that you will like of compound names with Juan for children

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Those who understand that freedom is the possibility of choice say. But it is not always easy. When it comes time to know the gender of our baby, a whole range of possibilities opens up for us to choose their name. And, of all the children's names that we like, which one should we choose? Joseph? Juan? And that's only if we listen to our inner voice, because if we also listen to the proposals of family and friends, the possibilities multiply. And this is where the success of the compound names.

On the one hand, by having two names, our son will be able to choose the nickname that he likes the most in the future. And, on the other hand, if there is no agreement and consensus between the parents, the child can bring the two options in conflict, restoring peace to the family. In addition, many parents prefer compound names because this way there are more chances of hitting the personality of your little one. Do you dare to choose two names for your baby with us? On our site we want to discover the most used options of names made up with Juan for children.

By choosing Juan as your child's first or middle name, you will be adding tradition and history to your child's name. But also trend. And it is that now they are looking for short names and with sound harmony. And Juan meets all the requirements. Did you know that when a compound name is chosen for a child Juan is the most chosen? There must be a reason. And what in Spain has been one of the five most popular names in the 20th century?

John has his roots in Hebrew, from the word ‘Yôhannaan’, and means “the faithful to God” or “Yahweh is favorable”. Without a doubt, this name has an important religious load, since many of its best-known characters come from the Bible. And to show a button: John the baptist, who predicted the arrival of the Messiah and gave his life for Jesus.

If your little one is named Juan, few will be those who forget to congratulate him on his saint, since this is celebrated on June 24, the day where its religious meaning is mixed with pagan tradition. On this day we welcome the summer solsticewith a great party where we light purifying bonfires of millenary tradition to enjoy the shortest night of the year, where they talk about witches and spells. However, he also celebrates the saints on March 8, with Santo Juan de Dios, or on December 14 with Santo Juan de la Cruz.

Here are our nine suggestions to get the perfect compound name for our baby. Which one do you decide for?

1. Juan Antonio
With an uncertain origin, most of the theorists bet on Greek roots with evolution to Latin in the word ‘Antonius’, which is interpreted as “one who faces his adversaries”, “one who is brave”.

2. Juan Ramón
Ramón comes from the German world, from ‘reginmund’, and its meaning is “one who gives good advice” or “one who is protected by divinity”. In short, we will have a little "protector" for everyone.

3. Juan Carlos
Of Germanic origin (‘Karl’) but with Latin evolution, this nickname translates as “free, strong and virile man”.

4. Juan Pedro
Latinas are her roots. It comes from the voice ‘Petrus’, which literally means “elephant”, but is interpreted in the sense of “strong as a rock”. He also has a great religious weight for being the first father of the Catholic Church.

5. Juan Pablo
From Ancient Rome this name comes to us. It was a cognomen of a most illustrious Roman gens (family). This nickname derives from the adjective ‘paulus’, which means “little” or “humble man”.

6. Juan Maria
There is debate about its etymology and meaning. We are left with her Hebrew origin, which is translated as "the one loved by God", "the chosen one".

7. Juan Diego
Greek or Hebrew can be its origin. There is no consensus. Where there seems to be agreement is in its meaning: "the educated".

8. Juan Manuel
It comes from the Hebrew words ‘Emmanu’ and ‘El’, which together mean “God is with us”. With this name in the Old Testament they refer to the Messiah, the son of God.

9. Juan José
Biblical name of Hebrew origin, which after being Latinized ends up meaning “when Yahweh adds”. Ideal for little ones who want them to add to our life.

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