Tell me which generation your son belongs to and I will tell you how to empathize more with him

Tell me which generation your son belongs to and I will tell you how to empathize more with him

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All people, depending on the year in which we were born, belong to one generation or another, and that will determine whether each of us has some characteristics or others. Today I want to propose you a game: Tell me which generation your son belongs to, and I will tell you how to empathize with him more. Do you accept the challenge?

The generations They have general characteristics that we must know. This article intends for you to know the characteristics of the generation to which your children belong, in order that you can empathize more with them.

The first thing will be to locate the generations, so that you become aware of what we are talking about specifically:

- Baby Boomers Generation
It is about today's generation of grandparents (1945-1960).

- Generation X
It is in this generation that I find myself and in which many current parents tend to be. We saw the light between 1961 and 1980.

- Millennials generation
It refers to the boys and girls who came to this world between the 80s and the 90s (born between 1981-1995).

- Generation Z
They are those kids born between 1995 and 2010.

The normal thing is that each generation has its own values, its own fears, its own beliefs. All this is usually very delimited by the sociology, anthropology and psychology of the moment, which makes the behaviors of people born under the umbrella of the same generation very similar.

Be of a generation or another does not imply that one is better than another, but that you are born in a specific socio-economic, cultural and political context, which conditions your behaviors. We are going to focus on the last two generations both the millennials like Z.

Do you want to meet the millennials? Do you want to know what motivates them, what is important to them and what are the traits that most define them? Very useful information to be able to empathize with them.

1. For the millennials, Their most important social event was the September 11 attacks in New York, and they know about the risk on the planet.

2. The Playstation and, above all, what has really marked them have been social networks.

3. When they have come of age, it has more or less coincided with the rise of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and, from there, they stay hooked.

4. It is a generation that wants to be part of a majority so that they can be heard and taken into account.

5. They are less creative and they expect the world to give them things….

6. They highly value their freedom and flexibility, both in personal and professional life.

7. They have a different way of communicating from previous generations, it is no longer the traditional one, they have other ways, therefore parents have to adapt to their new ways.

8. The object that defines them: The mobile

And what can we say about the generation Z? What do you think are the predominant traits in his character? What do you like to do? We will tell you!

1. The generation Z They are experiencing a fact such as the world crisis, the issue of global warming of the planet and mobile devices and that marks their personality.

2. As they have lived in such an unstable crisis environment, they seek more security and stability, since they know that the environment is complicated.

3. They are more creative because they have lived in a more volatile context and need creativity to solve problems. They are, say, much more multi-area than the previous generation.

4. They are safer than millennials, since its biggest reference models are entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, the creator of Facebook or Jeffe Bezo, the founder of Amazon.

5. They are a generation that is very fond of social skills; They are also often impatient and manage time better.

6. They have more sense of individuality and this is expressed through social networks.

7. In summary, its main characteristics are: security and stability.

8. The object that defines them: they are more than 3D printing, different technologies etc ...

These are some of the general characteristics that can help you when it comes to getting to know your children, friends, neighbors or co-workers more to be able to empathize and connect with them.

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