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What does it mean to get pregnant in May for mother and baby?

What does it mean to get pregnant in May for mother and baby?

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There are many women who look at the calendar to plan, or at least try, pregnancy, and it is no wonder. If you stop to think about it, there are always good and bad things: the extreme cold of winter or the suffocating heat of summer, family vacations, the work schedule ... And a host of other issues that go through your mind when you think that maybe it's time to be one of the family.

Let's see this time the good and the bad of get pregnant in may taking into account that the approximate due date is ... February! We tell you quarter by quarter how your pregnancy will be and we analyze what it means for you, the mother, and for the baby that conception occurs in May.

First of all tell you, congratulations! The most beautiful stage of your life has just begun. Yes, the first months of pregnancy can be marked by nausea and discomfort, but if you try to see it from the most emotional point of view, it will be easier for you to carry it. Let's see step by step how will each trimester of pregnancy be starting in the month of May.

1. The first trimester of pregnancy will go from May to July

We are going to see all this with approximate dates, because it is not the same to stay on May 1 than on May 30, if you prefer, you can use our calculators to conceive and have the dates a little clearer. Whatever day it is, what is clear is that May is the month of flowers, so it seems ua very special time for your pregnancy to begin. The sunny afternoons are sure to put you in a good mood, you just have to go for a walk with your loved ones to check it out.

You should know that it is common for you to notice a blocked nose these days, even more so if you suffer from a gestational allergy. Small nosebleeds are also normal in the first trimester of pregnancy due to the increase in progesterone, the hormone that causes increased blood flow to the skin and mucous membranes. Relax, a little patience and some serum to wash your nose and problem solved. If you think you need some medicine to feel better, always consult your doctor beforehand.

2. The second trimester of pregnancy will be from August to October

Summer has arrived and your belly is growing more and more, the good news is that it is towards the end of pregnancy that the heat feels much heavier, so, since it has caught you in your second trimester, you will have to see it from the good side and enjoy the beach, the pool or the countryside. Wherever you go, always carry with you a sunscreen for the body and a specific one for the face, you will see that the latter does not leave you oily skin, you will feel much more beautiful!

Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, walk a little every day, practice yoga or prenatal Pilates so your back doesn't hurt and eat healthy and balanced. If reflux (typical of pregnancy) bothers you, do some five not very large meals a day and avoid fatty, sugary or highly acidic foods.

3. The third trimester of pregnancy will go from November to January

What does it mean to spend the last trimester of pregnancy in winter? Well, you are going to experience a most emotional Christmas during which, without a doubt, the baby that grows inside you will be the center of all eyes. Think that when the next Christmas holidays arrive your baby will be almost a year old and will be ready to open the gifts that Santa Claus or the Three Wise Men leave him, what an illusion!

Passing the final stretch of pregnancy on these dates also means that you have to take good care of yourselfWe already know that at Christmas you eat too much and this can give you heartburn. Try to be cautious and avoid embarrassments! On the other hand, you have to get hold of seasonal maternity clothes to keep warm and not catch a cold.

If you notice that your breast is bothering you because it has grown or because it is starting to generate colostrum, put on nursing bras. We recommend that you buy them one size larger than yours, as the breast will grow even more with the rise in milk for delivery.

If you notice contractions or have broken the bag, that is, you feel a liquid as if it were urine, you have to go to the hospital, since it is an indication that labor has begun. So you don't get nervous prepare everything the days before: clothes for the baby, the newborn diapers, the hat to cover their head ... And also have everything you need ready to make you feel as comfortable as possible: your toiletry bag, slippers walk around the house and your clothes for the day you are discharged.

!! Congratulations!! You can now hold your baby. And the thing is that time passes so quickly that, although it seemed to you that it would never arrive, your child has already been born and has been born in February, the approximate date of delivery since the pregnant woman began in May. Christmas is over and eyes are now on March and spring. How good it sounds!

Do not be careless, there are still days of cold, so wear the same warm clothes that you wore in pregnancy to be comfortable. Also warm your baby but without overdoing it, it should not be cold but not hot either. You will have to take things slowly, there are many insecurities that you may notice, especially if it is your first baby. Just take a deep breath, look at your baby and let yourself be comforted by that great love.

If you want to know in a little more detail when you are expected to give birth, you can use our calculator for your due date.

It is very easy to calculate, since you only need to add the corresponding date with the first day of your last period. Although the baby may come early or the doctor may recommend scheduling the delivery, you can get an idea of ​​when you will be able to see your newborn son or daughter.

The month of February will be your favorite from now on!

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